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Electric Train Chaos: Pink Line MRT Stalls Mid-Route in Technical Glitch

In a dramatic turn of events on December 24, 2023, an electric train belonging to the Pink Line MRT project found itself marooned on the tracks, halting its journey between Nonthaburi Provincial Government Center and Minburi. The incident unfolded at the entrance of Soi Tiwanon 25, precisely midway between Khae Rai Station and Sanambinnam Station, when a power supply rail malfunctioned, causing a section of the tracks to collapse. This left the train, identified as PM 40, stranded and unable to proceed further.

Concerns arose as the fallen tracks damaged three vehicles in its wake, creating a challenging situation that required immediate attention. Swift action was taken by authorities to address the predicament, with officials rushing to the scene to assess the situation.

Upon inquiry with a BTS official, it was disclosed that the affected electric train was designated for inspection before the commencement of its daily service, ensuring that no passengers were on board during the incident. The precise cause of the power supply rail failure is currently under investigation, with authorities working diligently to ascertain the root of the issue.

It is worth noting that the Pink Line MRT project had recently embarked on a free trial service, allowing commuters to experience the new route from November 21, 2023, until January 3, 2024. Unfortunately, this incident unfolded during the trial run, prompting the BTS officials to mobilize a team of technicians. Their objective is to conduct a thorough survey of the immobilized trains, strategizing ways to safely return them to their respective origin stations.

As the situation unfolds, updates will be provided on the progress of the rescue efforts and the resolution of the technical issues plaguing the Pink Line electric train on Tiwanon Road. The incident serves as a reminder of the challenges inherent in introducing new transportation infrastructure, emphasizing the importance of rigorous testing and maintenance procedures to ensure public safety.

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