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Amazing Muay Thai Festival 2024: A Global Celebration in Hua Hin

In a display of cultural richness and martial prowess, the “Amazing Muay Thai Festival 2024” unfolded at Ratchapak Park, Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, on February 6th. The esteemed event was inaugurated by Prime Minister Sertthana Thaweesin.

The “Amazing Muay Thai World Festival 2024,” held annually to celebrate the global allure of Thai boxing, attracted more than 5,000 Muay Thai enthusiasts from around the world. Prime Minister Sertthana Thaweesin, who presided over the festival, expressed the profound significance of Muay Thai as a cultural heritage that transcends generations.

“Muay Thai is Thailand’s legacy, cherished and passed down through generations for over three centuries. Today, we are elevating Muay Thai to a global heritage. In the past week, the WBC Amazing Muay Thai event brought together fighters from over 60 countries, showcasing the grandeur and beauty of the traditional Thai Wai Kru ceremony. Thailand has become a pilgrimage destination for fighters worldwide, a place where they come to pay homage to Muay Thai masters,” remarked Prime Minister Sertthana Thaweesin.

The festival featured three mesmerizing performances. The first, titled “Marvels of Muay Thai: From Siamese Roots to International Martial Art Heritage,” traced the historical roots of Thai boxing, depicting the transformation of military processions and the historical lineage of Thai boxing over 322 years.

The second performance, “Ancient Rituals: Offering, Teacher’s Ascension, and Mentorship in Thai Boxing Culture,” was a sacred ceremony symbolizing sanctity and the power of dedicating oneself as a disciple. It showcased the rituals of ascension and mentorship within the Thai boxing community.

The final act, “Preserving the Art: Thai Boxing Salutation to Mentors, Mother of Muay Thai, Transforming Drones into Letters, Dazzling Lights,” was a breathtaking presentation of the artistry of the Muay Thai Wai Kru and a display of reverence. The performance incorporated over 700 drones, concluding with a grand fireworks display.

This monumental event, organized by the Army, the Thai Boxing Association under Royal Patronage, and more than 5,000 Muay Thai practitioners, has been recorded in the Guinness World Records as a tribute to the historical legacy of Muay Thai.

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